Peak Perfomance

Peak Performance

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Peak Perfomance
  1. Givin' It Up (J. Williams)
  2. Mellow Saxophone (Montrell,Blackwell)
  3. She Loves Me (J. Mack)
  4. Keep Your Hands Off Her (H. Ledbetter)
  5. Just Your Fool (W. Jacobs)
  6. She Caught The Katy (T. Mahal.)
  7. Hard To Handle (O. Redding)
  8. Hold On I'm Coming (I.Hayes, G. Porter)
  9. If You Love Me (A. Collins)
  10. Don't Do It (R. Estrin)
  11. Wife Next Door (P. Ryski)
  12. The Best Ones (J. Mack)
  13. Outtasight (J. Brown)
  14. Walkin' The Dog (R. Thomas)
  15. Black Drawers (J. Cheatham)
  16. Mellow Down Ez/ Lo Rider (W.Dixon/ W.A.R.)

Live Recordings
All songs recorded at Memphis Smoke, Royal Oak (2004), Top of the Park (2003), and WEMU Art Fair stage (2002) in Ann Arbor, Mich. Special thanks to Art Thunder, Bob Lee, and Tom Twiss. Cd layout and duplication by asp productions. All songs copyright by their respective owners. "Peak Performance" arrangements copyright 2004 by The Terraplanes /Terraforma Productions / Ann Arbor Bluestage.